Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Never mind the General Election - who's going to get on River Community Council? 21 nominations for 12 seats - postal ballot to be held and pre-paid envelope must be back by 12 noon Weds 4th December

Fissures of electoral excitement spreading through the town as the hopefuls for the new Nairn River Community Council term of office are revealed.

Unless there are withdrawals then there will be quite a long ballot paper for voters in the River CC area (Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Abhainn Narann - Representing Lochloy, Merryton, Boath Park, River Park, Broadhill, Fishertown, The High Street area, Mill Rd/Church Street, Cawdor Rd, Queenspark and Firhall). 

According to the Highland Council website the names of candidates nominated are:

Hamish Donald Bain
Steven James Bain
Paul Cutress
Ann Fuller
Stephen Kenneth Fuller
Peter Gibson
Ian Ramsay Gordon
Helena Harcourt
Ian Michael Henderson
Tommy Hogg
Mandy Lawson
Veronica Mackinnon
Louis Anderson McIntosh
Paul Carlo McIvor
Linda Morton
Simon Noble
Paul Oldham
Jim Ross
Stewart Hunter Stansfield
David Fraser Thomson
Katrina Ann Woods

The Council also state: "At the close of the Nomination period for the above election, the number of candidates validly exceeded the total maximum permitted membership as specified for the Community Council area. An election will now take place and each elector will be entitled to vote for a number of candidates up to 12. Ballot papers will be issued by post to all registered electors in their community council area and must be returned in the pre-paid envelope provided by 12 noon on Wednesday, 4 December 2019."

There will be no contest on Nairn West and Suburban as the number of candidates was equal to or below the number of councillors to be returned.

The successful candidates are:

Sheena Baker
Jimmy Ferguson
John Alan Hampson
Ally MacDonald
Lorraine Mallinson
Alastair Luckington Noble
Brian Edward Stewart
Bill Young
Richard Youngson

Update, after close of nominations and withdrawal period there will now be 20 candidates for the River CC election. Paul Oldham must have withdraw his nomination. 


Ian said...

I will vote for Hamish Bain.
I have known him since I was a boy, and he always talks sense. I like him a lot because he has a strong social conscience. He is also well known among young people in Nairn.

David said...

I will be voting for the people who were on the NRCC latterly. I am looking for honest and trustworthy Community Councillors to fight for this town, people who will hold Highland Council to account.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Mandy because she is kind and helped me a lot when I was a student having a tough time with my life and everything was against me she was there for me

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of good folks standing for River CC.
Just wondering who represents the poor and dispossessed in Tradespark?

Anonymous said...

I agree there are a lot of good folk standing for River CC who have worked hard over the last few years, no doubt there are many long hours spent on the work they do. Nairn West and Suburban represent the Tradespark area.

toon loon said...

@Anonymous of 5.13pm, the answer is surely that all the members of Nairn West & Suburban CC will represent and stand up for all residents of their parish and the town, including those who live in Tradespark.

There is surely nothing different or particular about people in Tradespark or indeed any other part of the town? Wherever they live, and whether "poor and dispossessed" or not, they presumably all have the same interest in ensuring that local public services are adequate and efficient; that the local authority is fair and transparent in their dealings with Nairn; that issues of traffic, flooding, school capacity, housing development etc are properly planned and managed; that the amenities of the town are looked after, improved, and provided for the benefit of all; that the town's economy, employment and businesses grow and thrive; and that local residents in need are looked after, and visitors and tourists made welcome.

That's what the CCs are supposed to speak up for, and help to deliver. They represent the whole community. They deserve the encouragement of all the town's residents.

Anonymous said...

Some of these names on the nomination list worry me. One or two of them have been on Nairn River before and resigned. Why do they want to stand again if they didn't want to stay on in the first place? There are also quite a few of them involved with another group in Nairn. I go along to River meetings on occasion and the previous lot have been very involved with local issues which we all should be aware of.