Thursday, August 26, 2021

Lochloy Bridge consultation - Community Council calls for "blue sky" thinking

 In their submission to the consultation Nairn West and Suburban Community Council state:

"Whilst we are not the statutory Community Council, we feel we should communicate thoughts on the concept design relating to the original idea first mooted over thirty years ago which has now become an early stage consultation. These thoughts reflect many comments we have heard from residents of Nairn and Lochloy.

We welcome the opportunity to provide input at this early concept stage prior to it progressing to the design and planning phases.

The proposed site has been significantly compromised due to the release of the allocated land to developers and the subsequent building of houses immediately adjacent to the proposed bridge crossing location. On the Balmakeith industrial park there has been a similar occurrence which has been only partially mitigated by the allocation of a gap site for a compliant ramp and the connecting path. We now feel that the current proposed site is now so compromised in reality it is unsuitable for the proposed crossing and that none of the designs made public are suitable or satisfactory.

We would suggest a possible alternative would be to move the actual crossing approximately 500 metres east of the current proposed location, this alternative location could use the existing landscaped mound and shrubbery to mask the abutment ramp on the north side and a straight linear ramp on the south side could connect back to the original planned gap site. This would benefit cyclists as well as pedestrians and would neatly link into the existing excellent path network within the estate. It would also connect up current housing such as Boath Park and beyond to enable them to walk or cycle to the King Steps and Culbin Forest areas and further afield.

Whilst possibly outwith this current consultation we would like to suggest that a new road link at the east end of Lochloy linking with the Nairn bypass should be considered during the early stages of the select and concept process. Additionally, we consider that future DCs collected from recent & further development in the area should be assigned and allocated towards a south and east link over the railway.

Developers contributions have been collected from every house built in the now extended Lochloy area. We would urge some blue sky thinking on this aspect at HC to redeploy these collected DCs in the event that a bridge proposal does not go ahead. The use and allocation of DCs for community facilities should reflect local priorities/needs and be based on consultation with the community which needs to be public, open, and transparent. Current DC guidelines 2018 state that contributions will not usually be tied to the delivery of any given project.

If the Lochloy community come to the majority opinion that in 2021 the crossing is no longer relevant or required we would strongly recommend that the funds be reassigned to other local solutions which take account of the changed circumstances and which reflect the current identified transport and community needs.

We in NWSCC are keen that the planned Local Place Plan for Nairn is accelerated and commenced speedily and that issues such as a south and east crossing would be considered in this process.

We trust that you will all reflect on these views and that should any other thoughts or proposal/s be put forward in the consultation or subsequently, HC will consider them positively and will take the opportunity to consult fully with local residents and community representatives."


Lochloy resident said...

This is a very disappointing response from the other Community Council in Nairn. Residents at Lochloy do not want a bridge. Hopefully, Nairn River Community Council who represent Lochloy will submit a response which reflects the comments from the survey they carried out.

John said...

I live in Lochloy and I don't want my kids going anywhere near the Balmakeith area, the dangers are obvious and it is not safe. Heavy goods vehicles and a main road to boot. Crazy idea.

Anonymous said...

I would like a bridge to access Lochloy from Bothpark area.