Sunday, March 12, 2023

From the Gurn's gardening correspondent - "Looking around the town, it is pleasing to report that the colourful displays of flowers are already appearing along the roadsides."

There might be deep snow across the Pennines and stranded motorists on the M62. But spring officially arrives at the beginning of March. And here in Nairn the sun is shining, and the Gurn's gardening correspondent has stirred from long hibernation. Looking around the town, it is pleasing to report that the colourful displays of flowers are already appearing along the roadsides. The volunteers of Keeping Nairnshire Colourful have spent many hours digging and planting crocus bulbs in several locations - and then making sure that zealous contractors and Council machines carefully navigate around the sites.

Now the results are visible for the folk of Nairn and anyone passing through the town to see and enjoy. The purple flowers beside the A96 on the way out towards Inverness are looking good. At Moss-side Road two areas of white blooms have appeared. Beech Avenue has yellow crocuses, and the cemetery field led by the Grantown Road has a multi-coloured display. In the shade by the hospital car park flowers are just beginning to appear. The areas alongside the A96 towards Sainsburys at Balmakeith have fared less well: as that area was left to go wild, the bulbs have been fighting a losing battle under the bigger tougher plants that have been allowed to flourish there. And in the little leisure parkie between James' kiosk and the swimming pool, most of the bulbs planted by KNC a year or two seem to have been wiped out or mown to destruction although a few snowdrops survive in the sheltered area under the trees.

Most people probably don't pause to think how all these colourful displays came to be there. So it is perhaps worth a brief thank you to the enthusiasts of Keeping Nairnshire Colourful who put in many hours of work throughout the year for no reward other than the knowledge that they are making our town just a bit more attractive for everyone to enjoy.

And it's not over yet. Another few weeks and the golden yellow daffodils will be appearing, and perhaps - like Wordsworth - we will all see them "fluttering and dancing in the breeze".
 A gallery of images below showing the various displays around town. 

Bhon neach-conaltraidh gàirnealaireachd againn

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Anonymous said...

One day as I walked along the A96 on my way to work, I saw a squirrel digging about in the area where the crocus bulbs come up. Looks as if the wild areas are working for nature!