Sunday, October 15, 2023

300 homes for Delnies and all the rest of it - Cllr Paul Oldham gives you an insight into the planning application in the latest article on his website.

There's a lot to take in folks but Cllr Paul Oldham has produced what amounts to a quick guide to this latest planning application for Delnies. Below is a snapshot from his site. You can read his article here. Paul also links to the application pages on the Highland Council website. 



Anonymous said...

Very interesting article. I live in a similar geographical area, also near the coast, low lying with marshy land to the west of me. This is also in Scotland. Over 500 houses were planned a few years ago, to be built. However, after many objections, the SEPA website, (which was accessed by us, the local community), identified the 'very high risk' of surface water AND coastal flooding. Surely, with the weather changing adversely, (for whatever reason), planning and building anything so close to the coast is very short sighted. I don't know the postal code for the area where these plans are for, but it would be advantageous to the local inl Nairn community to access the SEPA flood risk report. Then perhaps decisions, for ANY future planning could be based on the evidence. I am perhaps more alert to the SEPA information because I am planning to move in the next 12 months. Every single house (!) I have viewed, has not identified high risk of flooding in the Home Report. It seems that it is not yet mandatory to disclose this information when selling property or land. Now, I only arrange a viewing AFTER I have checked the SEPA website to get such information. Nairn is such a lovely area, I used to visit back in the 1990s for holidays, staying in rented accommodation in Fishertown area. Happy memories of a beautiful town with very friendly people. Apology in advance, if I have misunderstood the article.

Graisg said...

It's a good bit higher than the beach, golf course etc and beside the A96 on the western edge of town. Still worth looking at SEPA predictions as you say though.