Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rise or the Robot lawn mowers or dawn of the High-viz jackets? Highland Council test the "Spider"

One of our readers spotted the "Spider" in action today in Inverness. More in a Highland Council press release here. 

Our correspondent was struck by the number of High Viz folk in the vicinity and was prompted to ask: "How many Highland Council workers does it take to cut a blade of grass?" Looks like a huge squad was necessary today to oversee the process? 

We often hear or lack of "capacity" or "manpower" when stuff doesn't get done in Nairn but if those folk in the image above are indeed all Highland Council bodies wouldn't it be better to give them all a strimmer and a doggie jobbie collection apparatus and put them on a bus through to Nairn because I doubt if we will ever see "The Spider" in use here?

Find out more about this machine here at