Thursday, September 07, 2017

Removal of Pedestrian Footbridge in Nairn

Work has commenced this week on the Bailey bridge over the River Nairn adjacent to the Harbour, which gives pedestrian access between the harbour and the holiday park.

This bridge was closed to traffic several years ago and pedestrians crossing the river now walk on the main part of the structure. The footpath extension, on the upstream elevation of the bridge, is closed and has been out of use for some considerable time. 

The works underway comprise of the removal of the out of use parts of footpath extension which forms a separate attachment to the main bridge. Its removal will not affect pedestrian usage as there will be no change to the main structure.

The redundant footpath components can be re-used and are suitable for installation on a similar structure in Lower Foyers where they will be fitted to provide safe pedestrian crossing.

The Nairn local Members are pleased to support this re-use and are glad that the footbridge will be used to great effect by another Highland community.

Area Chair Councillor Tom Heggie said: “I am delighted that this redundant part of the structure can be reused to the benefit off other citizens in a community our Council area with no detriment to its future use by our own citizens.”


Anonymous said...

I think it's a crock of poop no detriment to the future use ..i think it's a slippery slope to removing it totally as the main body is getting more and more bouncy as the years go on fix it and open it again for when the caravan park extends would be better in my opinion

Anonymous said...

I cannot walk over the main body. When I was little and my relatives came up to stay in the caravan site at the Glasgow Fair, I was terrified of walking over it and had to be carried. It left me with the fear, but I eventually was able to walk over the pedestrian part. But no way could I attempt the main bit. Happy days!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when folk will wake up to the fact that through years of Westminster austerity councils have NO money?

Pleased to read that the redundant footpath will be recycled