Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Shanghai to Snecky service on the draft timetables but there's other big changes that might affect you - best to have look?

This observer has been having a look at the proposed bus changes that will be up for consulatation on Thursday morning. There will be services from/to Lochloy and Queenspark to Inverness now but it looks like swings and roundabouts with less 11s and more 10s - hard to see if it is an overall reduction but it could be. If you rely on the busses to get you to Inverness and back you'd perhaps better look at the proposed draft timetables.

The 11 no longer will go to Forres and Elgin.

You can get the draft timetables on this page here (scroll down and click on Service 10 and Service 11.)

According to Stagecoach the consultation will be taking place on Thursday 16th November Nairn Bus Terminal, 9am - 12pm

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