Thursday, September 27, 2018

Nairn Links Development Plan moving to next stage

Highland Council press release

Two public engagement events have already been held as part of the initial work to prepare a Development Plan for the Links. These were on 18th August at the Nairn Highland Games and 1st September at Nairn Cricket Club pavilion. 

Chair of the Nairnshire Committee, Councillor Tom Heggie said: “Both events were well attended, attracting views and comments from around 100 members of the public. These were mostly from local people, however we also welcomed the views of visitors and holiday makers who took an interest. 

“From the two events a number of key points have emerged. It is clear that people recognise a need to develop and improve the Links area, but they want the environment to be respected and well managed. The open spaces, the trees and the views are highly valued. People would also like to see some improvement to the play equipment, with a a new water feature in place of the paddling pool. 

“A number of comments were received encouraging joint working with local groups and we are exploring opportunities for this. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions.” 

During October the Council’s project team, which includes external support from consultants Sandy Anderson and Nick Wright, will be in touch with local organisations to ensure that they properly understand local ideas and aspirations for the Links. A first draft plan will be prepared for the Links which will try to draw together all of the local aspirations. We will share that draft at a public event in early November with the specific intention of seeking feedback to get it right. Then, a month later, we will organise a second public event to finalise that plan in response to those comments and – equally importantly – ask people what should be the immediate priorities for action and who wants to be involved. 

Details of the two public events will be publicised in the coming weeks. 

Anyone who would like to input to the proposals for the Links should feel free to contact Nick Wright, a member of the Council’s project team, on 07900 334110.