Sunday, December 29, 2019

Grass cutting rumours - but could we just stop cutting a lot of it anyway?

Here at the Gurn we've heard from some of our regular readers that they've heard that moves may be afoot to re-jig the way that grass cutting services are delivered in the town and even that a proposal could soon see the light of day. Just the Christmas silly season or is there something going down?

Community orchard planting in Forres
Obviously it is good to keep the visitor areas of the town in good shape all year round but are there other areas where a lot less could be done and perhaps a few trees (including fruit trees could be planted)? 

This observer is inclined to think of how a couple of areas no longer being cut by Moray Council in Forres have now been planted with fruit trees by local folk. We could go for that kind of look or even devolve down to streets or sets of streets with something more structured like the Viewfield Community Orchard if local residents were willing to see such changes.

One of our regular correspondents who has been having a blether with us about the grass cutting situation in Nairn and what may or may not become of it tells us that it might be worth looking at councils that have turned over large grassed areas and planted wild flowers too. 

Perhaps folk in the various districts in Nairn might be interested in submitting their thoughts to the authorities if there is anything in these rumours and a major change in the grass cutting regime does indeed come to the surface and fully into the public domain?

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Joe Telfer said...

In view of global warming and climate change, tree planting and less grass cutting would be a good contribution to reducing our carbon footprint. Not to mention the benefits to wildlife and ourselves. However, I would not hold out much hope of Highland council using common sense for the common good. They have just cut down some trees that were growing close to the Swans island from the river bed, These trees were not growing out of the river wall and were providing some cover and benefit to the wildlife. Some years ago I asked Councillor Macdonald for permission to plant Rowan and bird cherry between the railway bridge and the A96 road bridge for the benefit of the birds and wildlife which we could all enjoy. Sadly she said that there was another group being formed that would be doing that sort of thing. I think she was referring to Nairn river enterprise. Maybe she would now like to follow this up and ask them to do what The Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust proposed years ago, which would now have been bearing fruit - Literally !