Saturday, January 04, 2020

Nairn Duolingo Gaelic learners getting organised - join the Nairn "Chapter"

Back on the 19th we published an article commenting on how the new Duolingo Gàidhlig app had attracted 100,000 people to learn Gaelic in a little less than three weeks. That figure today is 135,000 and according to one recent press article 80% of the learners are in Scotland. 

This observer knows personally about 15 people using the app in and around Nairn. There will be quite a few more though learning a bit of Gaelic as and when time permits with this app which is just perfect for the way we live our lives and do a lot of stuff on our devices. 

If you are one of those learners you can find out about events that will be organised in Nairn to offer folk the opportunity to use their Gaelic. Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh an seo - More details here.

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