Monday, January 27, 2020

Cuairt-litir buidheann Gàidhlig Duolingo Inbhir Narann - Nairn Duolingo Gaelic Group Newsletter

"Cuairt-litir buidheann Gàidhlig Duolingo Inbhir Narann
Nairn Duolingo Gaelic Group Newsletter

Our first Duolingo event in the Bandstand on 14th January was very well attended and a lot of Gaelic was spoken, we had eight people with a very good level of Gaelic who helped everyone else along a bit. We will be returning to the Bandstand on Tuesday the 11th of February (again at 7pm) to try a little more conversation. We are simply trying to create an environment where people get a chance to use their Gaelic whatever their level of knowledge. We have to help each other along and use our Gaelic – it is up to us to create the opportunities where we can speak Gaelic, be that at more events or simply in the passing in the street or up at Sainsbury's or wherever we come across each other in day to day life. If we are going to learn some Gaelic we might as well use it so please come along and give it a go in the Bandstand on the 11th of next month.
If you didn't see the document (linked below) in a previous e-mail, have a look - it gives a few hints for getting going with conversation if you haven't been learning Gaelic long. It is important to start using your Gaelic as soon as possible and start creating that Beurla-free space that will accelerate your learning.

Please see below for other events coming up, including the regular library sessions and a try at a Wednesday afternoon session to see if that suits anyone who can't make evening or weekend events.
Please let us know what suits you and also if you have any ideas for things we can do to encourage the use of Gaelic in Nairn.
If you have friends who are Gaelic learners or speakers please forward this newsletter to them so they are aware of the efforts of our group. They are very welcome to come along to any of the events.
Le deagh dhùrachd,

FORTHCOMING EVENTS - informal get-togethers and opportunities to use your new language skills!
Saturday, 1st February, 12noon - 1pm, The Library Nairn: join in the weekly Cearcall Còmraidh
Tuesday, 11th February, 7pm, The Bandstand: evening meet-up over a glass of something
Saturday 15th February, 10.30am - 12.30, Sandown Allotments, Bùth-obrach nòdachadh - Grafting Workshop - everything you wanted to know about grafting apple trees!
Wednesday 19th February, 2-3pm, 112 on the Brae: daytime meet-up for those who aren’t free evenings or weekends.
What other events would you like to see? Sky-diving? Knitting? Hill-walking? Singing? Story-telling? Baking? Please let us know!"
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