Thursday, January 23, 2020

Kingsteps residents shocked to find Lochloy Road closing for six weeks

This road sign comes as a bit of a shock to one or our regular readers at Kingsteps. Morton told the Gurn:

"This will effectively cut off Kingsteps and we will now face a major and lengthy diversion to access Nairn

A new sewer is to be laid for Scottish Water.

At the Planning Application by Springfield for its Kingsteps housing development we were assured that the existing sewage system had plenty of capacity and we were never informed of the need to provide a new stretch of sewer.

No one had the courtesy of giving residents prior warning or explanation of this road closure and we only found out when signs were put up today advising the road will be closed from next Tuesday for six weeks!!

I had to contact the local Roads Department to obtain an explanation!"

Conversation in on of the local social media hotspots indicates that residents in the new housing schemes in Lochloy had been consulted and informed but some folk that are nearby and will be affected do not seem to have been contacted at all. 

The Gurn has asked Scottish Water for details of the work and whether a press release is available. There is concern as to whether the emergency services and the like of the school bus have been informed too. 

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