Monday, January 27, 2020

KIngsteps Road closure - more on how residents should have been informed

The Gurn received the following reply from Scottish Water on twitter concerning the nature of the closure and the works that are planned:

"Where extra sewer capacity is needed to accommodate development, developers are responsible for providing this. The planned work is therefore being carried out by a contractor on behalf of the developer. 
It's important the work takes place so there is no detrimental impact from new connections on our existing customers or the local environment, but SW isn't directly involved in the specific construction / road arrangements which are agreed between developer and roads authority."

So something has gone wrong elsewhere, the failure to inform Kingsteps folk is not down to Scottish Water. The Gurn also understands that Highland Council asked Springfield to inform the Kingsteps residents. 

The Gurn also understands that BEAR Scotland are seeking information on any diversion signage that may be required for the A96. 

In relation to the sewer upgrade it also appears that a number of public interest questions have been sent to Highland Council by one local resident.

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