Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Last night's Nairn River Community Council meeting

Eight NRCC members online last night and four of the West and Suburban members observing too. No Highland Councillors found their way online despite the invitation.

The first online decision was to follow with the minutes being approved, they will soon be available on the NRCC web pages here. The CC have £7357.19 in the bank give or take a few small bills to be paid.

NRCC gave £125 to the Nairn Task Force for the creation of ID badges, Nairn BID paid 50% of the Task Force bill with NRCC and the Association of Nairn Businesses paying another 25% each.

It was mentioned that the NRCC had been contacted by Highland Council with a view to them using their bank account to facilitate grant monies getting to local Covid-19 action groups as in many cases these groups in the Highlands are not constituted and do not possess bank accounts. Anyone that has ever tried to open a bank account for a group or organisation recently will know how arduous a process that can be even in normal times so when it comes to getting hold of available cash for the community that the authorities are making available there is a problem. NRCC members expressed a desire to hear more about how the mechanics of such a facility would work from Highland Council.

The community councillors decided to ask Highland Council to suspend all controversial planning applications in the process now until a time where something resembling our former normality returns and the merits and pitfalls of each application can be considered correctly by the community. In the meantime they voted to put in an objection to the “FIT” houses on the Cawdor Road site near the hospital. Anyone who wishes to know more about that application and why it is controversial may wish to have a look at the front page of the Leopold Street Thunderer the next time they are in any shop still open that is selling the local weekly paper.

There was quite a bit of discussion on how best to use the NRCC website and social media facilities during the crisis and it looks like information will appear very soon on the web page but there will be more discussion about what happens to the Facebook page.

We didn't stay until the end of the meeting as sound quality went a bit on the device the Gurn was using but the meeting had completed most of its businesses. More soon here.

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Mr. G said...

This is very interesting, so good to see representatives of the community carrying on their responsibilities in the best way possible. To an old man who follows the progress of NRCC in the local paper, this is refreshing. I liked how you said "device" rather than system. In my experience of these things it all depends on the type of device you are using to log into the system and the quality of the Wi-Fi of course. Top marks NRCC.