Monday, April 06, 2020

Nairn River Community Council to hold online meeting Tuesday 7th of April

NRCC are to hold a meeting on Tuesday evening (7th April) online. The Community Councillors are hoping to include the public in future meetings but the first meeting is to see how things go with the online meeting platform they have chosen. 

Local press have been invited however, so if the Gurn manages to access the meeting we will do our best to report on the proceedings and no doubt the Leopold Street Thunderer will show an interest in this development.

Here is the NRCC Agenda:

Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Abhainn Narann
(members and Highland Councillors with invitees from other Nairnshire CCs, Highland Council  and Nairn Task Force )
Tuesday  7th April  2020
Via CISCO WEBEX meetings


1  7.30 - 7.35 Welcome and Apologies

2 7.35 -7.40  Minutes of 10/03/2020 , and matters arising
 ( for approval at next public meeting)

3 7.40 - 7.45 Treasurer’s Report
NRCC grant payment received end March 2020
Donation to Nairn Task Force £125 towards ID badges

4. Covid 19 Lockdown     Nairn community response
Nairn Task Force/local voluntary sector
Highland Council helpline/ Nairn Community Hub.
NRCC priorities for action

5. NRCC communication
 sharing member contact details with public
use of online platforms for meetings and decisions ( Webex, Google votes)
Policy on use of website blog, social media policy and key messages

6 Highland Council Planning and Public Consultations
THC deferral of  parking charges consultation
Situation re Planning Applications . Request for deferral of decisions
King Street CAB/flats development and proposed demolition

7 Other NRCC Activity during lockdown
subgroups update  - governance,  communications
Joint activity/liaison with other CCs and other community bodies
Engaging with public/community using online platforms

8 Long term - What happens next ?
 Plan for a post lockdown Nairnshire community network event /Ward Forum
How can we use learning from this experience to work together to develop
1A 'resilience plan' for Nairn
2 A new Locality Plan to help Nairn communities recover and thrive post Covid

9 Next  Meeting.   
Tues 12th May 2020  online (or Community Centre conference room)
Tues 9th June 2020   AGM to be confirmed (online or CC conference room)

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@nairnkev said...

Hope no decisions will be made without the public getting the chance to make representations or concerns being heard, that smacks of a banana relublic if deciding setting things in stone when the public are excluded this time, wholly support all the online participation suggestions finally were getting into the 21st century.