Monday, June 08, 2020

Interested in planting fruit trees? Want to get involved in a more fruitful future for our town?

Nairn Academy Orchard
Nairn Allotments Orchard group have been working for some time now along with Green Hive and Keeping Nairnshire Colourful activists, schools and individuals to get a few fruit trees planted here and there. For example anyone passing Nairn Academy on the cycle path can see a forty-tree young orchard coming along very nicely alongside the railway line. The trees were all planted by Academy pupils and some of them grafted a few of the trees a couple of years ago. A wonderful legacy for future years created by Nairn youngsters.

Quite a few people have learnt pruning, grafting and other orchard skills in Nairn in recent years and are willing to put these skills into practice. Now it's time to look for more orchard sites around town for future plantings. Public/Community or private spaces (residences or businesses) can be considered as long as relevant permissions can be obtained  and residents asked for their views before anything happens. It might just be a spot for two or three trees or perhaps you could manage quite a few more – give a thought too as to how you could get involved in looking after any fruit trees that are planted. 

If you are interested in helping getting more trees planted in Nairnshire in future years please send an e-mail to and the orchard group can keep you informed of any developments. We also hope to have an online Zoom meet-up soon to have a wee blether about what can be achieved. 
Apples at Sandown picture 2017

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