Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Common Good consultation on proposal to dispose, by lease, of the Tearoom and on proposal to dispose, by demolition, of the old store and return the land to public amenity, both located on The Links, Nairn

A copy of the consultation document is available here on the Highland Council website.

Here's why this consultation is taking place according to the document linked above

"The Highland Council have a statutory obligation to seek court consent before disposing of Common Good land which may be ‘inalienable’.

In this context ‘inalienable’ refers to Common Good property that falls into at least one of the following categories: -

  • The Title Deed of the property dedicates it to a public purpose, or

  • The Council has dedicated it to a public purpose, or

  • The property has been used for public purposes for many years (time immemorial) without interference by the Council

In this case the property is located on The Links at Nairn which derived its title from the Royal Charter of King James VI dated 15 October 1589 and, as such, it is considered that a question of alienability may arise. Therefore, the proposed lease cannot be concluded until Sheriff Court consent has been obtained. If after this consultation, the proposal progresses to a court application the public will have a further opportunity to make representations within the Court process. A statutory advertisement will be placed in the Nairnshire Telegraph to inform the local public that the court process has been commenced."


Nairn Mannie. said...

Sounds like a good idea. Respected businessmen striving to improve the retail / catering offering and the removal of an eyesore. Win -Win.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that there was a new lease went out to tender earlier this year for the Links Cafe, As this consultation document seems to indicate a change to the latest lease, "proposal to dispose, by lease, of the Links Tea Room, The Links, Nairn" will it need to go out to tender again?

Anonymous said...

Completely agree Nairn Mannie
The new leases at the Sundancer and at James at the Putting Green have been a major success for Nairn and great to have their rental contributions into the Common Good Fund.
More recently, the Strathnairn run by the Bochels has been another tremendous addition to our Links and seafront.
If any Gurn Readers are supportive of the proposals (or otherwise), they can email

Graisg said...

Very wet day but totally enjoyed the Cullen Skink this afternoon down by. Would recommend a visit if anyone hasn't been down yet