Friday, October 23, 2020

Gurn reader praises Nairn Health Care's flu jab "fantastic service"

Dear Gurn,

As with many of your readers we went to have our Flu Jab yesterday. 
In a world where everyone criticises and moans about everything it's a real pleasure when one can stand up and say thank you for a fantastic service. I would like to publicly say that to Nairn Healthcare and their staff. Their operation at the clinic to administer the jab was organised with military precision, it was efficient and yet not officious, it was welcoming and incredibly well organised.

I would like to say a big 'well done' to Nairn Healthcare, we're lucky to have them.

David Clem


Anonymous said...

Same here.
First class organisation.
Very professional, but friendly and caring. Safety paramount in a rapid one-way flow.
Great multidisciplinary team at Nairn Healthcare.
Big praise to the Dental staff as well - for those of us fortunate enough to get our treatment there.
I don't think folk in Nairn realise how lucky we are compared to other parts of Scotland or the wider UK.

Chris C said...

Totally agree with you David