Thursday, April 01, 2021

Beavers for Sandown and further rewilding exclusive

From our ecological correspondent:

Following his recent relocation from Norway to Inverness, self-proclaimed eco-warrior, Dr Olaf Lirop’s intention to reintroduce Beavers to the Highlands has created some controversy in Nairn. His project team has already set up a Crowdfunding page, SBANS – “Scottish Beavers at Nairn Sandown” – which has received substantial contributions from many locals. Known amongst his fellow eco-warriors as “Tumshy”, Dr Lirop believes that the beavers would soon establish a large pond in the centre of the south Sandown field which would encourage species diversity within the current, wetland habitat, and its currently very frail pool. 

Highland Natural Heritage welcomed the proposal as the first step in a programme to fully re-wild the neighbouring Delnies Woods. They hope that over the next few years a number of previously native species will be re-introduced, including Wild Boar in 2022, Lynx in 2023 and if approved, Wolves before the end of the decade. 

Nairn’s Lord Provost has some reservations about the scheme, but hopes that if it is given the green light, then it could provide a much-needed tourism boost for the town. Local farmers are less keen on Dr Lirop’s intentions, with the Scottish Farmers Union asking for a period of consultation before the 4 breeding pairs of Lynx are released in 2 years’ time.

Nairn West and Suburban Community Council will discuss the matter at their emergency meeting scheduled for this Thursday (1st April).


David Clem said...

It took my wife to remind me of the date before I climbed down from my high horse and cancelled writing my letter of protest!
Well done Gurn, that was a 'GOOD UN!'

Anonymous said...

I understand Nairnshire heritage met with our 4 regional Councillors, with a master plan to re-wild the whole Town by opening all the pubs.

Prof Paolo Flir said...

I am familiar with the imaginative work of the eminent ecologist and naturalist Dr Olaf Lirop. I am however worried that his recent move to Nairn, and consequent lack of familiarity with the area, may mean that he has not fully taken into account the local factors that may affect his project. He will need to carry out a careful risk assessment and Health & Safety audit to ensure that his plan is not put in jeopardy by the large number of snakes in the grass around Sandown, and indeed the risk from the many sharks that have been seen in and around Nairn.

Anonymous said...

Has Laurie been promoted or has a new post been created? Asking for a friend