Friday, April 02, 2021

Greens call for Highland Council to follow Glasgow by divesting in fossil fuels

Ariane Burgess, the lead candidate for the Scottish Greens in Highland & Islands region has called for Highand Council to deliver real climate leadership by following Glasgow City Council in ending its pension funds investments in fossil fuels.

According to a recent report by Friends of the Earth Scotland and a coalition of environmental groups, Highland Council Pension Fund has £46,148,655 invested in fossil fuels.

Commenting, Ariane Burgess, who is the Scottish Greens’ lead candidate in the Highland and Islands region at the Holyrood election, said:
“Public money should be used for the public good. People in Highland don’t want to see these pension funds exacerbating the climate crisis, particularly when this money could be invested into socially responsible areas like green energy production, house building and public transport improvements.”

“If Glasgow can end its support then so can Highland. Divestment is only the first step to tackling the climate emergency. The Scottish Greens will invest in a green recovery from the pandemic that creates 100,000 jobs while reducing Scotland’s emissions. That’s why we’re asking people to vote like our future depends on it.”


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