Saturday, October 23, 2021

Smauin na maidne from the Gurnmeister - thought of the day - Get your family, friends and neighbours out to vote in the Highland Council election (Thurs May 5 2022) and let's kick over the tables.

 We need to reach a situation where it is Nairn that decides what gets built in and around our community. 

I think most people want to see more housing - especially social housing for those most in need of a home in our community but enough of the 4-5 or 6 bedroom luxury homes for now. 

We have to get to a point where Highland Council listen to us and that is not going to happen until our Councillors do what the community want. We have to elect people who will explictitly state in their manifestoes that they will not allow Highland Council to get away with this anymore. 

The next election is scheduled for Thursday 5 May 2022. - save the date and get all your family, friends and neigbhours out to vote. If you thinking of standing in the election let the public know and if you are willing to kick over the tables in the Glenurquhart Road temple of planning dictatorship you will get support.