Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The chimes of democratic debate will ring out once again at the Nairn West and Suburban Community Council meeting online via Zoom on Monday 25th October at 7pm - what's going down in Nairn? Your chance to find out and have input!

Meeting Agenda

Nairn West & Suburban Community Council

Monday 25th October 2021, at 7pm

Virtual Zoom Meeting link available from NWSCC website Chairperson: Sheena Baker

  1. Chairperson-Welcome,

Attendees and apologies -

Notification of meeting being recorded

Introduction of NW&S Community Councillors and Office Bearers

Declaration of Interests a requirement of personal interests in any matters being discussed tonight

  1. Chairperson-Minutes of Previous meeting – 27th September, 2021 circulated

only persons at the meeting can adopt

Proposed by Seconded By

  1. Matters Arising from those minutes

Signage/Bridge pinch point – Update SB

CCTV and Flood prevention Letters SB

Proposed Reference Group SB

Developers Contributions letter SB

  1. Treasurer’s Report WLY

Proposed by Seconded By

  1. Motorhome Parking - Shane Manning letter 1st October 2021 WLY

  1. Sandown Land - Extended period of Consultation SB

  1. NICE – Update on current projects AN

  1. Springfield – Househill proposal JF

  1. Co-option/s to Community Council SB

  2. Request for verbal Update from Councillors – Councillor

Leisure & Recreation spend – fair share PS

Common Good – Update – PS Meeting with Council Officials 25th October PS

The New Academy Update TH

  1. Chairperson- Questions or Contributions from Members of the Public

  1. AOCB –

The Chair may add to or re-arrange the agenda on the night

Date/Time of the next scheduled meeting – Monday 29th November – 7pm

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