Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Nairnshire Committee Meeting 1st December 2021 - including our four Highland Councillors discussing Draft Development report.

It goes forward now for further consultation and eventually approval or otherwise by the Scottish Government. It includes 20 houses for the Showfield, 30 for Achareidh, 150 for Sandown and 250 for Nairn East. There was also discussion of a letter received by the South Nairn development consortium. 

Auldearn is discussed at 33.38 minutes into the video. Nairn at 35.30 and Cawdor at 43.44. At 45 minutes in the Councillors ask questions of officials before making their decision to approve the current status of the document.

Well worth making a cuppa and having a look at what Nairn's development future might soon look like.