Thursday, December 16, 2021

Sandown - second sell-off consultation - Community Councils write joint letter outlining a wide range of concerns around the actions of Highland Council.

A copy of the joint letter from Nairn West and Suburban CC and Nairn River CC has been obtained by the Gurn - if you have been following the controversial issues surrounding the potential sale of the Sandown Lands for development then it is worth getting a cuppa or a dram and taking the following letter into account. If you are unable to enlarge the images then a copy of the letter can be read here. 

 The CCs talk about a "reference group" working with Highland Council. Does anyone know who makes up the membership of that reference group? Given this is the family silver we are talking about shouldn't everything be in the public domain? The Gurn is going to write to Highland Council and ask for details of the reference group and any minutes of their meetings. 

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