Saturday, October 15, 2022

£500 plus to change a flag up at the Courthouse?

 Readers may have seen cherry pickers being used to change the flag(s) on the pole(s) at the Courthouse since the building was renovated. Apparently it is not very easy or impossible to raise or take a flag down from within the building. Readers may wish to correct the Gurn if we are wrong but we believe that it was decided that flagpoles at the top of the building could damage the structure, hence their new location. The days of sending someone up through the hatch to change a flag are gone and the new position of the pole presents an insurmountable difficulty it seems - unless you have a cherry picker.
This is where a cost comes in - obviously an internal cost to Highland Council but that will mean money that could be spent elsewhere in Nairn has to go on getting a cherry picker in. 

The Gurn wonders what the total cost of cherrypickers for all the flag changes during the year is and whether some engineering solution to install flagpoles to their original location might be cheaper in the longer or even shorter term. It's a problem not of at least three of our councillors making, but I would imagine they too might have noticed the cherry-picker in action and wondered about how it goes through the books and whether there is a better solution?

You may wish to pop over to the ever-popular Nairn when you were a bairn Facebook page and have a look at what Murd has to say in relation to the response to a figure of £500-600 contained in the response to his Freedom of Information Request.