Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Conversation replaces conflict – Community Council documents demonstrate positive relationship with the new set up of Highland Councillors locally

 The Gurn has received three documents: previous minutes, next agenda (Monday 31st October) and comments on the Inner MorayFirth Local Development plant.

The minutes demonstrate the ongoing positive conversations but it’s the last document that is worth a serious read, a vision of how things might be if the community got more control of it’s own affairs: there’s comment on Sandown, Nairn East, Nairn South and a few other issues. An outline of what sort of town we are and how it all can be improved. Warnings too of the dangers of over-development without infrastructure.

Given the recent discussions between Community and Highland Councillors, it looks like things are moving forward in a positive direction with the potential for a locally made plan that is indeed “local” – it all comes at a time when we face another period of austerity however. But even when money is short there are still inventive ways that resources can be used or prioritised. Time to be optimistic about our civic affairs and what we can do collectively to improve Nairn as a place to live, work and play?

Well worth taking a few minutes to have a look at the documents linked above.