Sunday, September 04, 2005

Football rubbish but everyone chills out in spite of that

Well after buying new players and an optimistic pre-season warm-up Nairn County Football Club are bottom of the League (apart from Fort William who nominally take the bottom spot as an historical right), this comes on top of the first-round exit from the Qualifying cup. The question must be asked: is there anyone in Nairn that still thinks Neil Fridge was the right man for the manager’s job?
Despite Nairn County slipping back to a position last occupied about 5 years ago the weather was excellent this weekend and locals and visitors alike made the most of it. Both beaches were a very laid back scene as citizens bathed in the waters and absorbed the heat. Some hard-core dog owners exercised their pets in the banned area too – good for you citizens, if more people had ignored the stupid ban in the first place dog owners in this town would never have been discriminated against!


Nairn said...
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Admin said...

Its no better supporting crawley Town in the Conference.

6 games. 2 points. 3 goals scored.

The new owners must be wondering what they have got into.