Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Not reconsidering: why not try Joe's or Iright' s new (early christmas present).

Yeah 'A gurn from Nurn' is history but just in case something happens elsewhere bookmark
Thanks for the comments and e-mails received. Thanks but not changing my mind. If someone wants to start another blog somewhere with a similar title that wouldn't bother me. Blogging isn't rocket science and it is worth a go. If you are missing pics of Nairn with an environmental message there just happens to be a new kid on the block today who is well worth a bookmark.
Joe's Dog & Bird Blog. Tell the world!
Of course I hear Iright has had an early Christmas present, I wonder if he will like it or as with many unwanted gifts these days it will be passed on to someone else?
Oh a final, final word. The Sequoia is safe - unless the developers appeal but they got a big knock-back today and not one coucillor supported them! A great piece of news to really shut down with!
Sibn agad e bhuamsa gu bràth siorraidh ann an sheo.
Math bruidhinn ruibh, Tìoraidh

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Admin said...

I was walking up Brighton Road in Crawley the other day past a block of flats called Sequoia Lodge, and the land at the front is full of... well you can imagine.

They were impressive trees and show that its possible to have development without denuding the land at the same time.

So - good news about your tree. With any luck it will still be thre long after we have all gone.