Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gurn closing down today

Regrettably, inspiration and commitment to keep this blog going have been evaporating in equal measure over the past few weeks. This blogmeister wishes to concentrate activities in the Gàidhlig blogosphere and so selfishly is not adding any more entries to the Gurn. It would be a bit of a shame to continue in a half-hearted way. It has been an interesting experiment and thanks to the contributors and regulars. This blog will remain as a sort of snapshot reference point (complete with search engine in the sidebar) for as long as Blogspot are prepared to let it stay there.
Thanks everyone, cheers.


Derek Allsopp said...

A shame, I've enjoyed reading about what's been going on in Nairn.

Guess I'll have to do something about my half-hearted attempts to learn the Gaelic if I'm going to continue reading your postings.


Rhys Wynne said...

Could you persuade someone else to take it on. A blog based on a small community like this is a great idea, I'm sure that many more like this will develop in the future.
Although the Gàidhlig blogosphere is definately the way forward.

Bill said...

Sorry to hear you are discontinuing your English language blog, Gurn. It's been nice having someone else blogging from Nairn, a lot more 'locally' than I tend to do. Good luck!

Nairn said...

Guess I become iWrong from now on. All that is left for my comment is the dead tree Nairnshire (don't hold your breath - although most could whilst reading it). A sad day for the voices from and around Nairn who both contributed and read the blog and enjoyed the content. Maybe a blog 'A Gurn from Nurn' gurning about the lack of such a service could be started?
Many thanks to Craisg for all the work he/she put into this blog

Will be sadly missed


(long live pies and red sofas)

Nairn said...

I sent this to Craisg too late for publication :-(

But when inspired may keep posting!


East Beach
News that the East beach has failed to gain its coveted Blue flag this year is sad. The standard may be seen by some as meaningless, as it requires aspiring beaches to reach targets that are almost akin to trouser presses in hotel rooms! But the fact of the matter is the beach has failed on water cleanliness. Trying to establish a Blue flag standard beach on one which happens to house a sewer outlet pipe seems pretty brave to me, either that or you have great faith in the ability of Scottish Water to cleanse our waste water to near drinking level standards. Nairn is an increasing growth area in terms of new homes; new homes mean more sewage and also more concrete for roads etc so rainwater is less able to seep into the ground.
I am not sure as to when water from our waste treatment plant is released in to the sea, but even assuming that it is on a falling tide the prevailing wind this year has often been northerly. I’m not an expert on such matters, but it would seem to me that ‘matter’ could have been blown back to the beach, or into the bar, which the beach joins (beach is North facing)
Our Provost Mr Clark was stating his fears for the loss of tourism to Nairn with the down graded status for the beach on local radio this morning. I am sure it is a very real concern but with mention lately of marine parks should we not be more concerned as to what we are pumping into the sea? Take a walk into any supermarket and you will see shelves of nasty chemicals that on the back of cleaning we pour down the sink/toilet/drain. Many folk think the rich green growth of weed to be seen in the harbour, and at the harbour entrance at low tide is due to phosphates washed off farmer’s fields.
Maybe we should all be flying little biohazard flags above our sinks and in our bathrooms to make us stop and think as to what we are putting into our waste water systems before we start gurning about our missing Blue flag?

Graisg said...

Provost Clark, never heard of him, is he any good? Provost Park is my hero.
Citizens of the future, if you are reading this 500 years from now please remember our glorious, visionary Provost who chaired the meeting today that told the developers to sling their hook and leave the Wellingtonia alone!
Sandy we love you, Sandy we do,

There's only one Provost Park, que sera, sera,
What ever the planning applications will be, will be,
que sera, sera

Sin thu fhèin Sandy,
Sin thu fhèin a bhalaich,
que sera, sera...