Friday, October 07, 2016

Ardersier and Culloden Council by-election win by the LibDems - real winner the 70% who voted for nobody?

The Highland Council website states: "Trish Robertson - Scottish Liberal Democrats has been elected to serve Ward 18 (culloden and Ardersier) following the death of Councillor John Ford."

In a very poor 30.51% turnout no candidate went past the quota mark on the first count and it went all the way to the 7th PR transferable count where the LibDems just edged ahead of the SNP. Number crunchers can download a spreadsheet here to see how it went. Interesting point perhaps to see the Scottish Labour Party beaten by the Greens in the first count of ballot papers by 163 to 180. Will Scottish Labour be doing the most greeting tonight?


Anonymous said...

9237 people were eligible to vote but only 2818 bothered to make the effort and put a cross on a bit of paper - 30.51%. The 6419 who didn't bother to get off their arses have no right to complain if they are not happy, with 9 candidates standing there was plenty of choice.

Graisg said...

Given the issue that was on the table down at Ardersier it would be interesting to hear if there was a bigger turnout there than elsewhere in the ward. Couldn't agree with you more anon it was a pathetic turnout. Here in Nairn it was only 48% at the last Highland Council election I wonder if it will be more next May?
In defence of the no voters however I have to say that I was speaking to a friend last night who said he will not vote in the election here next May if it is only Liz, Michael, Stephen and Laurie standing. Unless a new candidate comes forward that interests him then he will not participate as he is appalled by the standard etc of our existing councillors. I think he may not be alone. There is the option of going in to spoil your ballot paper however.

Anonymous said...

I can fully understand the poor turnout in Ardersier as folk must feel that they have very little power locally if you look at the way the proposed waste treatment plant has been handled by Highland Council

As for Nairn, I agree with your friend @Graisg. If indeed the choice at the next local elections is just the four councillors you mentioned I for the first time in my life will not be voting as I don't feel any of them truly represent the interests of the people of Nairn. A sad state of affairs

Anonymous said...

Judging by the result of the election the socialist revolution may have to wait a while for it to take root in Ardersier and Culloden.

Horse, bolted, stable door said...

Ooooh, I'm going to be a wee bit controversial here, perhaps if folk in Ardersier had paid a wee bit more attention to what was going on at the time they wouldn't be in the situation they are now with regards to the sewage system.