Saturday, October 08, 2016

George Street access to Railway Station coming soon?

Murd tells the Gurn that he had a good meeting with our four councillors and a Scotrail rep earlier this week and the prospects of access to the railway station from George Street becoming a reality in the near future are very favourable. 

Such access would especially benefit the disabled and also those who have to use the steep steps down onto Balblair Road. Well done community campaigner Murd Dunbar!


Anonymous said...

Sensible move. Well done to Murd on his persistence.

MURD said...

Reply from murd
Thanks but as I was told at a recent C.C meeting if you want something done do it yourself.
It may of been said in Jest. But it seems to be the way when I suggested at meetings for them to take it on but to the best of my knowledge no one even tried to have the exit on to George street looked into.
That's why I just went ahead and made a few inquires and appeared to have got the problem of safety and the exit for all resolved.
Just awaiting word from Whinnieknowe trust to get permission for the H.C. to erect A bus shelter there.
Next on the agenda is bus shelter at the hospital again some thing I have asked for at C.C. meetings but that also appears to fallen on deaf ears. At the last time I asked Councilor Green said if they are going to close beds at the hospital there is no need for one.
Is he unaware there are shelter houses old folks homes doctor clinics etc. etc.
But he appears not to care about them going or coming or if they get A soaking or have to stand in the cold. {No brownie points for bus shelters}
It is regularly said they must encourage more of the public to have an input at meetings. Well going from my own experience putting any thing forward just gets passed over.
It may be just what I think would make things better for the community.
Like asking for them to get the two islands removed on the Station brae to improve saefty for users.
Standered answer to that it will be looked into it has been looked into for years and probable will remain like that for years to come.
But as I have said before it's Just that silly {OLD MAN WANTING THINGS DONE}.For the community. What does it matter??

Anonymous said...

Do you know where the wee hut that used to be outside the sundancer went???
From .....Silly old woman looking in vain!

dr-grigor said...

I believe from what I read somewhere that it was removed to build the access road and is supposed to be rebuilt

dr-grigor said...

Well done Murd that is a fantastic idea for access to the railway station from George Street as there is a large percentage of senior citizens in the Queenspark area and this will make access far easier and safer for them, Stephen

Narook said...

Well done Murd I think you should be on the Council and get rid of some of the dead wood.