Thursday, October 27, 2016

Whinnieknowe bus stop given the go ahead and now awaiting work date. Murd delighted.

Community campaigner Murd Dunbar tells the Gurn that the bus stop for Whinnie knowe is on the way, he has received an e-mail telling him that housing association that runs Whinnie knowe has given permission to Highland Council to go ahead. 

Murd is very forthright in his comments to the Gurn, he tells us:

"Another achievement by trying and not accepting the answers given as to why it could not be erected. Now we will have something that will benefit the community that use the bus stop at Whinnieknowe. Next on the list is something that I have received answers to that I do not accept is for a bus stop at the hospital

This proves if you want something you have to just ask the right people.
Lets hope the Hospital Stop shelter will get the support from all those who represent the community and I am not left to do it all on my own but if needs must then that is what I will do. Highland Council are sympathetic but they say the hospital will have to grant permission Before it can go ahead."


Sheena Baker said...

Well done Murd. Re a shelter at the hospital I would suggest you start the process and see if anyone in the Highland NHS or other organisations within the hospital building was silly enough to publicly oppose it!

If they did in any way oppose a suitable shelter outside the hospital they would be inviting the "wags" on the Gurn to post sarcastic but amusing comments.

I for one think that providing shelter against the wind and bad weather is a logical thing to request. Just make sure they get the opening the other end to the prevailing wind! We don't want a re-run of the shelter on the A96 at Achareidgh which because of the way it was orientated gave no shelter at all!

Candlestickmaker said...

'wags' on the Gurn, surely not

Murd said...

I have asked for years to have one put there and the answer i got they need the N.H.S. to consent to one.
At the last suburban meting M GREEN announced he was going to be speak with NHS to discuss what were their plans for Nairn. I asked would he also ask about allowing A shelter on their grounds. He seemed to be less than supportive to say the least.