Thursday, June 29, 2017

Drew wants free wi-fi for Nairn just like Inverness City Centre

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why fi said...

Good for Drew Hendry: he puts forward cogent and persuasive arguments, and Nairn businesses and residents should welcome and endorse his efforts.

But the real question is - why wasn't the delivery of free wi-fi to Aviemore, Nairn and indeed other urban centres in the region an integral part of the original City-Region deal?

The existing proposal once again reinforces the perception that Highland Council planning, budget-bidding and spending is driven mainly, if not entirely, by the interests of the City of Inverness.

If Drew Hendry seeks to build real credibility, then he needs to tackle that issue at source, not just argue for different funding allocations after the key decisions and priorities have already been stitched up.