Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Join the Nairn Connects BID Steering Group

The Nairn BID is looking for local business owners to join the BID Steering Group to help take forward the job of shaping the future ambitions of the Nairn BID.

There are now 32 BIDS up and running across Scotland, each having developed a Business Plan that is unique to its own area. Each BID has a Steering Group made up of local business people who form a committee to support the development their Business Plan.

BIDs operating in towns and areas like Nairn have focussed their efforts around the visitor and retail economy and visitor events. Others have focussed around improvements to streetscapes, parking, or employability issues with local businesses, schools and colleges.

Michael Boylan, Chair of the BID Steering Group said. “It’s important we have a good cross section of Nairn businesses on the Steering Group to ensure we build the Plan around what is important for Nairn. Being on the group will involve a commitment over the coming year but also represents a great opportunity to help shape the economic future for Nairn.”

Alan Rankin BID Project manager said. “There has been a great deal of work done in getting the idea of a BID for Nairn to this stage. The next step is to broaden that involvement to bring in a wider range of motivated people to help shape and make the BID a success.”

Alan added. “No two BIDs are the same with the business plan and activities decided upon and prioritised by the local business community. “

To get the process moving forward the BID is looking to local businesses people to step forward and join the Steering Group. Alan Rankin will, with the support of the Steering Group, develop through conversation and consultation a Business Plan that in turn will be put to a vote in 2018.

People whose business properties are non-domestic rated can notify the BID Project Manager Alan Rankin of their interest to join the group. Alan will in turn send on the brief for steering group members and then meet to discuss with interested parties the workings of the group. The Steering Group will meet on a regular monthly basis over the coming year and through a process of consultation with local businesses generate a Business Proposal and Business Plan. 

More information about BIDS and details on the other BIDs in Scotland can be found at the NairnConnects BID website www.nairnconnects.com

Alan Rankin can be contacted on alan@nairnconnects.com or on 07785 722936

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