Thursday, August 03, 2017

Missing cat - can you help find Toby? - Update returned home 5th August :-)

Update returned home 5th August :-)

Update: £50 reward for anyone that reunites Toby with owners. See comments.


Andrew Purkis said...

Could anybody who takes walks along the river Nairn from the A96 Bridge Mills shop area along to Firhill Bridge and if further along please could you call out now and then Toby, to see if he responds.

He is a catcher and we know he does go along that route and sometimes spends a couple of night`s out and has brought home young rabbits, even a pigeon. Yet is not like him to be out now coming to the 9th night. £50 for you if you find him and contact me

Thank you

Andrew Purkis said...

Toby still missing 4/8/17

Andrew Purkis said...

Toby appeared back home an hour ago.

Wherever he has been he`s certainly put on weight. Possibly wild rabbits seeing as he has in the past brought a few young ones home. Seems to be extremely pleased to be home with huge purrs.

Many thanks to all that kept an eye out for him over the past 12 days

V eronica said...

My good wishes to the Purkis family on Tobys return. It sounds as if he is a real hunter, just following his instincts.It would be interesting to follow his travels via having a small camera fitted. Costly, but it would definitely confirm where he is going. Happy hunting Toby, unless they confine you to barracks, you will continue doing what comes naturally!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad he's home safely. He's a frequent visitor to our house in Union St so perhaps he's just been on his holidays :-)