Saturday, August 05, 2017

Ronnie's Revolution continues as County beat Champions Buckie next up Clach at Station Park this Sat (12th August) - it's building, it's exciting - be there 3 pm

Six points from the three opening games from the Wee County now. They debuted in the league this season at Mosset Park and went down to a narrow 1-0 home win by the Can-Cans and on Wednesday night Deveronvale came to Nairn and we won that one 3-0. And today a massive 2-3 away win at the Highland League Champions Buckie. 

So impressed with Nairn's performance, the Buckie fans awarded the man of the match award to Jordon Macrae - what an incredible accolade that is in itself and kudos  to the Buckie faithful for that gesture. 

County committee man Alastair Nicol said on social media tonight:

"Just received a text from Ronnie saying that the boys are all knackered but they're all naturally delighted with the scoreline. I would like to issue a rallying call to the supporters. 

Let's all get behind the team spread the word bring a brother, sister, cousin, second cousin, wife, husband, friend, neighbour...and bring them to future games starting with Clach at home next Saturday. 

A lot of hard work getting done on and off  the pitch by the board, manager, squad of players, groundsmen and the management committee.

Finally to see Max Ewan 16 Jack Maclean 18 and Jordan Macrae 18 all score today the future is bright. Let's all get on board Ronnie's revolution."

The Gurn supports Ali's call. Let's be there folks and support these young heroes doing their best for our club. 

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