Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A big mistake for Nairn BID to elect someone who supports parking charges in Nairn onto their board?

Here at the Gurn we think Cllr Peter Sagger's membership of the Nairn BID board makes it harder for that organisation to resist Highland Council's plans to install parking meters in the town.

Surely parking charges go directly 100% against Peter's committment to the well-being of the town? More in the BID post below. 


Anonymous said...

What ???!!

Or as Victor Meldrew would have said – “ I don’t believe it”

The only answer that might make sense of that appointment is that the BID Board has to have a local Councillor on their board.

If it does not specify that then ???Ughhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

He’s one of eleven I believe, not much of a voice really.