Wednesday, November 21, 2018

When are car parking charges going to start in Nairn? Highland Council say "Discussions are ongoing on the carparks."

Last night Highland Council held an online budget discussion with a few of the high heid yins in temporary digital residence on their facebook page. You can find that Q&A session here. 

This observer asked: "When are car parking charges going to start in Nairn?" The reply came eventually as "Discussions are ongoing on the carparks". 

That is an intriguing reply and perhaps it might be possible to expand on that tonight at the Nairn River Community Council meeting where parking charges will again be discussed and with members of that organisation eager to see if Cllr Peter Sagers has replied to a letter they sent to him some time again with a series of questions linked to parking. You can read the text of NRCC's letter here. 

So just what discussions are ongoing? Asking the Co-op if they can charge for their spaces too? Asking our four councillors if they can use Common Good Land for installation of parking meters? Asking the owner of the Library Car Park a similar question? Asking the BID for their blessing? Asking the traders if the first 10 or 15 minutes or more should be free? Asking themselves if a fiver a day would be a good going rate for long-stay in the town? Discussing with the meter company if they can be installed by Christmas? Perhaps more will be revealed tonight by Tom, Laurie or Peter? 

Tonight's NRCC meeting:
Nairn River Community Council Meeting - Wednesday 21st November, 7pm Nairn Community and Arts Centre - more details here. 

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