Friday, April 26, 2019

Highlands Extinction Rebellion activists calling for Highland Council to declare a climate emergency

An article published earlier today shows pupils from Nairn Academy calling for more action from the authorities on Climate Change at their regular Friday protest. At midday in Inverness Extinction Rebellion were protesting too - also a weekly action calling on Highland Council to declare a Climate Emergency. 

The Gurn understands that members of Highlands Extinction Rebellion have been lobbying some members of Highland Council and are hopeful that there will be discussion of climate change at the meeting of the Council on May 9th. The group are calling for the Council to declare a climate emergency. Details on other councils in the UK that have done so already in this i article "Councils in England and Wales declare ‘climate emergency’ following UN warnings of future ‘catastrophe."

After their weekly demonstration at the Town House the activists marched to Falcon Square where they engaged with members of the public for around half an hour. 

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Anonymous said...

How many of them used a car to get there.