Friday, April 05, 2019

Nairn Academy Pupils Week 4 of Climate Change Action protests - video interview

Week four of the regular protest and we went up for a wee blether with the young activists at the railings on the Leopold Street/High Street corner.

A few images here. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent news.So does this mean that the new Nairn by-pass will be cancelled? Surely the new road can only mean more pollution and over use of valuable resources.

Old person said...

At Anon 12:47

Great knee jerk comment. Apart from cancelling all new road building what would you suggest? Here we have Academy students trying to highlight the dire situation that the older generation has left the planet in for them to inherit. Spent nuclear fuel for 1000's of years, seas full of plastic rather than marine life, the list goes on. I look forward to you reply