Friday, November 08, 2019

Affordable Housing and CAB for former Social Work buildings on King Street. Regeneration - demolition or renovation? Cash from Scottish Government Town Centre capital grant fund

From a Highland Council press release:

"Over £2.3 million pounds of investment is set to benefit town centres across the Highlands with 30 transformational projects about to get underway to stimulate economic investment and to help towns diversify and flourish.

The Town Centre capital grant fund from the Scottish Government is targeted to encourage town and city centres to diversify and flourish, giving new purpose and creating footfall.

To reflect the Council’s commitment to localism over the last few months Area Committees* have been actively engaging with communities and involved in helping to identifying and recommend ranked projects that fit in with the criteria. A Cross Party Working Group have then approved the successful projects.

They include:"

And they include Nairn:


King Street, Nairn – Regeneration of vacant town centre property into a mixed use (Nairn Citizens Advice Bureau and affordable housing) development."

Here at the Gurn we had heard a rumour that this was on the way and that perhaps there would be a demolition of the existing building involved before work got underway on the accommodation and CAB office. No doubt more details will eventually be revealed. 

Murd Dunbar will be delighted he has been calling for the former social work buildings to be turned into accommodation for many years. Perhaps they've finally taken the hint Murd?

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Anonymous said...

No doubt Councillor Heggie will be the first to jump at taking the credit for that. Well, it's been a hell of a long time coming, so it's high time something was done there.