Monday, November 18, 2019

Election fever hits Nairn - no not the General, the Community Council election!

Local democracy is having a fabulous time in Nairn at the moment, there are 20 candidates for 12 places on Nairn River Community Council and the ballot papers are hitting the doormats all over town. 

Some of the candidates have given statements to the Gurn and quite interesting they are too, more may come in yet so keep an eye on that page if you are a voter in this election. There is a discussion on the highly popular Facebook pages "Nairn our Town" and "Nairn Rocks". 

And in a first (we think), for a community council election in Nairn, a group of candidates have put a collective leaflet out. 


Shelf stacker said...

My postal voring paper arrived today.

As I know so few of the candidates I'm going to choose by getting the kids to play a game of stick the tail on the donkey with the paper, seems fitting

Anonymous said...

Shelf stacker @5.54 PM

All the more reason for getting yourself off to the NRCC meetings when they are up and running again, meet a few of the Community Councillors, who are very approachable. There are a good few local people standing, but if you still don't know any of them after reading their profiles on the Gurn, then have a go at standing yourself next time, or get some of your friends involved. The Community Councils could do with some younger folk getting involved, after all it is your Community too.

Anonymous said...

As a Constituent of the Nairn River CC, I am disappointed to see a mistake in the list of names on the ballot paper. The list is in alphabetical order. So why is Mandy Lawsons name twentieth instead of eleventh?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that about Mandy because I am voting for her, they should scrap this election and start again because they have messed up. She deserves her proper place on the list.

Wood turner said...

@ Anon 5:45 PM

Surely by the time of the next NRCC meeting the election will be over so mingling with the then elected councillors would seem pointless in terms of this election?

I somehow manage to vote for the WM government without visiting London, or indeed Holyrood when it's election time for the Scottish parliament.

Perhaps a better approach would have been to ask current councillors as to what they've achieved since being on the committee and those hoping to stand what areas they hope they might change, mind you, it's easy to make promises

Maybe candidates need a bus or two to display their pledges to the community

Graisg said...

@fly me, sorry didn't understand your comment at all, do you want to try again?