Saturday, May 02, 2020

How about learning some Gaelic during Lockdown? Three hundred thousand people around the world are already and there's no shortage of learners in Nairn as well!

The Scottish Gaelic Duolingo course (entirely free) has been around for five months now and it already has an incredible 300,000 plus active learners registered.

We had quite a few meet-ups in Nairn  for Duolingo learners and other folk with some or quite a lot of Gaelic before the  Lockdown. We are still continuing online. You can get more details here on this Duolingo events site dedicated to what is going on in Nairn.

During this continuing Lockdown period perhaps you might fancy a go yourself? The Duolingo app suits the times we live in and you can get a few minutes of lessons anytime you have a spare moment or a longer period of time to yourself and a lot of us have quite a bit of that on our hands just now.

You can enroll for the free Duolingo Gaelic course here.  

There are plenty of other resources for learners online too at Learn and of course there are other learners and native speakers in Nairn to try out a bit of Gaelic with.


Stephen Fuller said...

Tha Gàidhlig agam. Is toil leam Gàidhlig.


Anonymous said...

Tha mi cha mhòr diesel Gàidhlig Duolingo. Tha mi a’ leughadh anns an Gàidhlig a-nis.

I am almost finished Gaelic Duolingo. I am reading in Gaelic now.

�� My sentences are still quite basic, but my comprehension is actually really good.

Graisg said...

Tha thusa a' dèanamh uabhasach math Sandra. Meal do naidheachd a charaid.