Saturday, May 02, 2020

Nairn Task Force Web and mobile app launched

The remarkable Community Resilience organisation that sprung up in Nairn just before Lockdown and has done marvelous work through this crisis have now launched an app to make things easier for those that need help, those that wish to volunteer and/or donate during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Tish Joyce of the Task Force told the Gurn: "This is a really important step forward as it means that the Task Force is largely self managing with minimal
interaction required by myself, Rhona and Nicola. The aim is to reduce emails and phone calls as much as possible, and enable those requesting support or offering support to self serve via a simple app that can be used on the web or on their phone.

I am now looking at how we can adopt this as a Community Tool, on an ongoing basis. It can provides Nairn with a simple tool that can be used in the event of further challenges with Covid-19 or in fact any other threat that requires community members to support one another. It has taken a lot of hard work to design and develop over the last four weeks, and we have been fortunate to have been provided with it as a pro bono offering from Cognizant UK Outreach Team."

Earlier Tish had posted the following message on the group's Facebook Page:

"7 weeks ago today, the idea for Nairn Task Force was born, anticipating a lock down scenario. Sadly it happened, and we've all been on quite a journey. There is no doubt that the spirit and work of the volunteers has really helped our community to get through these times. 
It was hard work to setup initially but thanks to the support of Nicola Mackinlay, Rhona Macdonald and Elaine MacPhail we established a working pattern, that became easier. The intent was always that the Task Force become self managing and the WhatsApp Sub Groups have really helped to make that happen. Today I can announce the launch of the Nairn Task Force App which is now live and enables self service for:
- Volunteers to update their availability and pick up new support request without emailing, texting or calling us
- Those in need to request help efficiently, and track their request, with minimal intervention by others
- Those wanting to make a promise of a donation to do so, and this can then be assigned to a volunteer who can use it to support someone.
I have been working with the UK Outreach Group from Cognizant, as they have designed and built this for us free of charge. We are hugely grateful to all of the team who have worked day and night to build an amazing solution ''ARAM - Aspire to Serve' . Please pass on our thanks Sathish Kumar. Nairn Task Force has been the inspiration for this app, and we are the first users..
Please log into the app today via the link below and update your information, availability to volunteer - it will take just a few moments. If you have a gmail address log in via Google or use your email as user name and mobile number as password. You can then change your password as required and update details. You can do via your phone and add to home screen and this will become an app on your phone or you can access via the web

Go to the app below, you don't need to log in, but you can request help via the I NEED SUPPORT button and we will ensure you get what you need.

Anyone who wishes to make a promise to donate can also do that via the I WANT TO DONATE button. We will be in touch when we can use your promise.

Any new volunteers can also register via the I WANT TO SUPPORT button and we will be in touch.

Thanks again for everything,
You are amazing


Sheena Baker said...

I am not the most IT minded person but this App sounds to be "just the job".

Hope there are no teething problems or at least very few and that it ensures the already well run task force operation becomes even easier as folks use the app.

Excellent work by those involved in designing, building and testing it. There will be more uses for it I am sure once the C19 battle is won.

Thanks to all concerned and special thanks to the volunteers and organisers of the Task force.

Anonymous said...

You are all doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work!!! ....