Sunday, May 17, 2020

Highland Council proposes network of safe walking and cycling routes in response to Coronavirus pandemic - consultation for communities

A Highland Council press release reads:

The Highland Council and NHS Highland have submitted an ambitious bid to the Scottish Government’s Spaces for People fund seeking support to deliver rapid active travel interventions. If successful, towns across Highland and the city of Inverness will see a roll-out of temporary walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure over the coming weeks and months. The measures will include footpath widening, temporary bike lanes and other works that seek to ensure people can walk, wheel and cycle safely on essential journeys and taking daily exercise.

By delivering safe active travel connections across settlements to link major healthcare facilities and other destinations, the proposals aim to maximise opportunities for social distancing. Importantly they will also provide a necessary springboard for town and city centre recovery and regeneration as lockdown measures are eased and places need to be adapted to be safe for work, business and leisure.

Whilst a rapid programme of work has been undertaken to submit the initial funding bid, the Council considers this as only the start of the conversation and will continue to review, monitor and evaluate schemes and proposals as they emerge.

Communities, businesses and other stakeholders are being encouraged by the Council to get involved. To ensure the council responds appropriately it has set up a consultation ( (external link)) so that people can share their views on the proposed interventions now and as they are implemented. This will enable Highland Council to maximise the impact of measures and respond to the evolving needs of our communities as the current pandemic situation changes.

You can read the full press release here

We had a quick look at the consultation documentation for what is proposed for "Nairn Interventions" and it's a bit minimalist really but as they say above "the Council considers this as only the start of the conversation". Picture from that part of the webpage below. You can participate here. 


Anonymous said...

Having being a regular walker on the Riverside for many years, the past few weeks have been very difficult due to the vastly increased number of cyclists. I have to put my dog on and off the lead every time a cyclist comes past. They expect you to do the manoeuvering. Obviously I do comply as I do not want my dog run over, but I would like to remind cyclists that the circular Riverside path is a footpath and not a cycle path.

Anonymous said...

Safe walking and cycling routes would be a boon for me. I have to walk with either crutches or a rollator because of arthritis and need the exercise to stop me seizing up even more but find it very difficult to get off a path for cyclists or other members of the public who do not observe the 2-metre rule. My options are to go up a hill or walk along by the cemetery and along the river so it means I do not go out as much as I should.

Anonymous said...

I used my bike for years and always if there were pedestrians in front of me I would get off and wheel my bike round them. Nowadays they ping a bell and expect you to get out of their way. It's only good manners after all

Anonymous said...

Lochloy road cycle path,cyclists why don't you use it.

Anonymous said...

As a bike user and walker of many years I am appalled by the lack of cycle etiquette demonstrated by some cyclists. Cycling at speed on mixed use footpaths and on pavements. Racing up behind walkers without warning - a recipe for a collision - and dirty looks thrown at those who haven't moved or get a fright and protest. Last time I checked I didn't have eyes in the back of my head!

In response to the pinging of a bell - I am grateful to those that do, if I am walking as at least I am then alerted to them coming up behind me. As a bike rider I always use my bell, not with expectation of people moving out of my way but as courtesy and for safety so they are alerted to my presence. I also slow down to pass pedestrians. Not only courtesy but essential for safety.

I would like to remind cyclists that there is actually a code of conduct for shared use pathways.

Anonymous said...

Please define wheeling to me. No idea.