Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Flood protection - Murd urges experts to look to floods of 1956 and examine how the Fishtertown was unaffected

Readers may have seen the recent Gurn article which details how ComCllr Brian Stewart outlined how action needs to be taken urgently on a flood protection plan for Nairn and how things have not moved on substantially for a number of years. 
The River Nairn during the floods of 1956

Murd Dunbar refers us again to images of the floods of 1956 and suggests that the water in those days had somewhere else to go and thus the Fishertown got off lightly. He went on to tell us in his opinion that is not the case today with the obstacles on the other side of the river preventing the water going where it used to go in the past. He urges the experts, if they ever do undertake their study, to analyze the events of those times and consider a return to the previous situation.

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