Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Nairn County Football Club pledge to stand by the Community in time of crisis: " You have supported us, now its our turn to do the same for you."

Awesome stuff emerging from Station Park tonight, Club Secretary Ian Finlayson posted on the Club's Facebook page earlier tonight:

"Now to our wider responsibilities. When we were in financial trouble several years ago, we asked the community for help and the community responded. We remember this and now it is our turn to repay this debt. In the coming days we will be in touch with local businesses to pay forward what we can for the coming season so that businesses will have that cash now when it is most needed, instead of next season. Further, we have no football to report, so we will devote our Social Media channels to advertising our local business sponsors and encouraging people to shop local and to consider making future bookings and buying vouchers now for local Hotels, hostelries, pubs and restaurants and all others to get some much needed cashflow into local business."

"With regards to our fans and the community as a whole. Well we are not playing football for the foreseeable future, so if we can help on a Saturday with anyone in self isolation, be it picking up your shopping, getting your prescription to you or even just walking the dog, drop us a message or give us a call and we will sort something out for you.
Nobody knows how long this virus will be with us, it could be a long haul, but we want you to know that your Club is with you. You have supported us, now its our turn to do the same for you."

Fantastic Community spirit being shown by the Wee County tonight. 

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Sheena Baker said...

Well done all at Nairn County F C! A brilliant initiative.

Whatever you do helping others keep yourselves safe as well.