Thursday, March 19, 2020

Nairn Task Force social media group publishes plan to move from online set-up to activity to help fellow citizens during the Covid-19 crisis

 The following was published on the Nairn Task Force Facebook page last night (18th March)
Update from Nairn Task Force...
All we all know too well, the impacts of COVID-19 are being felt by all, and are changing by the hour. This post is intended to communicate the approach of Nairn Task Force and to seek your support in enabling us to progress through the steps below as quickly as possible. This will enable us to do our best for each other, and thus ourselves, in a challenging and unprecedented situation.
Nairn Task Force primary objective is to supplement the way in which we are all, already, naturally helping our family, friends and neighbours to deal with COVID-19 and the challenges it brings to our daily lives.
To do this we are creating a communication network which will provide those struggling to have access to local people who can direct them to existing services and provide some additional community support.
The Nairn Task Force is not intended to replace any existing services, councils or voluntary groups, rather help others to get access to them.
  1. Connected with existing services including CAB, Red Cross, Community Councils, Highland Council, Local MP, Rotary Club, Community Centre, Nairn Bid, Helping Hands, and a number of existing voluntary organisations .. All of these are using their established structures and experience to determine how they can best support our community. This is still work in progress for all of the above and many more.... businesses, councils and governments are mobilising their responses as a reaction to the daily changes....
  2. Established a Nairn Task Force Group Facebook site, which is specifically for volunteers to register their interest in being a volunteer. I have requested contact details, location and areas of expertise.
  1. Creating a Nairn Task Force Volunteer Register which will then be divided up into subgroups. The subgroups will be based on location e.g Fishertown. Each sub-group will have a Connection Lead. Target Completion: Friday 20th
  2. The Connection Lead of each subgroup will establish a WhatsApp Group for their fellow volunteers. This will enable us to break the challenge down into smaller areas and decentralise. Target Completion: Friday 20th
  3. Determining which of the existing communication channels can be used most effectively as a single source of consolidated factual information on COVID-19 (Newspaper, existing website, posters on chemists, stores etc... the purpose of this is to ensure people know where to go for information. Target Thursday 19th
  4. Setting up these communication channels and ensuring there is clear responsibility for them. Target Completion : Saturday 21st
  5. Creating a simple leaflet that will be distributed by 'sanitised hands' to everyone in Nairn by the each of the SubGroup Team. This leaflet will signpost individuals to the information sources indicated above. It will also signpost to key services for the most vulnerable eg CAB, Foodbanks etc.. It will explain the role of the Nairn Task Force and provide 2 contact numbers (see below at 6) Target Completion: Friday 20th
  6. Briefing Volunteers on their role as part of the Task Force to ensure that they are comfortable with it. Within each Sub-Group the team will divide themselves and write 2 contacts on each each leaflet. Their role will be to be there if someone is not able to access local services and / or does not know how to. The individual can message or call the volunteer whose aim is to support them in accessing services or information . If they cannot they can use their WhatsApp SubGroup for support. Initially the intent is to offer neighbours additional support such as dog walking or collecting prescriptions or shopping that they have ordered online. Target Completion: Friday 20th
  7. Establishing a Forum via conference call for all of the SubGroup Connection Leads to communicate on a daily basis so that the types of challenges can be understood by all and we can learn and develop. This Forum is also intended include representatives from the established organisations and voluntary groups who will continue to develop their support plans. This will enable the Forum to then communicate back to the subgroups and ensure a consistent message. Clearly the other communication channels will be updated. Target Completion: Saturday 21st
  8. Completing distribution of leaflets to all Nairn household Target Completion: Monday 23rd


If you are NOT able and willing to take on the responsibility described above in light of recent changes please REMOVE yourself from the NAIRN TASK FORCE facebook page today. The Nairn Task Force FB page is is purely for organising the above, not as general source of information.

It is important that only people who are willing to take on the above responsibility are on the Task Force FB page or the register of volunteers that we are creating will be ineffective and the systems will not work.

Please do not email or text me with specific issues or even offers of help at this time. It is taking up valuable time and delaying the above. Until we get this network established I will become the single point of failure. Once we have this established, communication will be consistent but decentralised and you will have better responses.

Please DO continue to access your existing networks and local services - Nairn Task Force is not replacing them.

Please DO NOT start discussions on the Nairn Task Force FB page at this time. It is delaying progress as I need to review it all to consolidate the register. Use it to offer your services as a volunteer, and if you haven't already, email me at you phone, email and home street so that I can complete the register as quickly as possible.

As the existing services and volunteer groups evolve their approaches and services we can use this network and the information channels established, to cascade further to everyone. The first step is to establish the network and decentralise so that others add value in their local areas.
Thanks so much for all those that are working in their day and voluntary jobs to support this community. Thanks to all those offering support via Nairn Task Force too...
Apologies for what may appear to be delays but this is complex and we are moving forward. It will not be perfect from day 1 but we can evolve
I will not accept any more people onto the Nairn Task Force site this evening. I will wait for you to read this and email me with the information requested if you are able to volunteer in this manner. Please remove yourself if you cannot offer this support - IMPORTANT.
There are many more ways to support and this is not the only route.
I will not be responding to any individual emails or messages until we have completed the important steps to create the network outlined above, so please do not be offended.
Feel free to share this as required..
Thanks again.

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