Monday, September 21, 2020

King Street - Controversial planning application to be discussed tomorrow (22nd September) - NICE iterim survey results submitted to planners

 A 43 page document is presented on the agenda of the Highland Council South planning committee tomorrow at Glenurquhart Road. You can download a copy of it here (item 6.3).

There is a huge file of objection and support comments here on the e-planning file including a latest comment from Joan Noble re parking matters and also the results of the NICE survey.

Below is a screenshot of the interim results. Michael Barnett of NICE tells the planners that the full survey and analysis will shortly be published.

It will be interesting to see the level of debate tomorrow and the decision on a controversy that has been raging for a considerable time now. As we suggest we recommend that readers that have the time have a read of the comments for and against. 

Here at the Gurn we read with considerable interest this document submitted by Joan Noble that outlines her criticism of how Highland Council feel the development will affect the parking situation in Nairn and her considerable concern on how the loss of spaces will impact on the town centre.

And so tomorrow and a decision awaits - there will probably be a few folk in Nairn tuning in to the webcast from Glenurquhart Road tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

This entire planning application stinks. NO CONSULTATION with the public.

Anonymous said...

“Raging” really? 100 surveys completed on this controversial issue. 48 in favour of the application! What’s the population of Nairn? 12,000

Graisg said...

Well people have submitted comments to the planning department - that amounts to a form of consultation.

Graisg said...

re raging: 287 comments for what it is worth anon

Anonymous said...

It Broke the Internet!