Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Nairn TSB no more - Branch set to close - listed in closures, set to begin in early 2021

 More on the BBC site.


Anonymous said...

Well, what a surprise! This is a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, less people going into the branch = closure. The fact that the branch slashed its opening hours and days couldn't have had anything to do with it, could it?

Anonymous said...

In 2008, Brown and Darling should have allowed the banks to fold.
TSB began as "mutuals" ..... treasured institutions, owned by their savers.
Collectivism at its best.
Their demise forged by the Conservative Party under Thatcher.
Finished off by Conservative Party's free-market capitalism under Boris.
Our society needs more fairness, less of a wealth gap.
I shall move my account next year.